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Robert Eberle — ‘Gone Goin’’

New York-based singer-songwriter Robert Eberle releases “Gone Goin’” a song mirroring the distress of losing a lover you don’t want to get away from — the anguish of reluctance.

A multi-instrumentalist — keyboards and guitar — Robert wrote and engineered the track with help from Colton Lava, who handled mixing and mastering. In addition, “Gone Goin’” features the talent of Ben Templeman, aka Ben T.

A native of Long Island, Robert began performing live while still a toddler, singing with the band Iridesense. By the age of 12, he was writing original music. …

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Frank Hugo

Atlanta rapper Frank Hugo released the music video for “CEO Flow” on November 24, a song narrating his myriad successes in life and business.

His successes include running his own record label, Brick Money Records, investing in real estate, promoting events, owning and operating his tax firm, along with organizing back to school drives and community food drives.

Amid his affluence, Frank hasn’t forgotten where he came from or how much work it took to get where he is. …

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Sammy Johnson | Photo: Rachel Soh

Auckland singer-songwriter Sammy Johnson will release his reggae album, Cool & Easy, on January 22 via Mensch House Records.

Explaining the album, Sammy shares, “‘Cool & Easy’ is so many things. It’s the rekindling of my love for reggae music, it’s my first reggae full album and it is a true authentic expression of how reggae music has touched my life and blessed me with the opportunity to do what I love.”

He goes on, adding, “I know the world is in such a fragile state right now. As easy as it would have been for me to reflect on that, I felt so strongly to consciously create something that would provide a place of refuge, peace, love, and happiness. …

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Chris St. John

Singer-songwriter Chris St. John releases “I Called You Rose,” the first track lifted from his forthcoming debut album, I’m Dreaming, slated for release in early February. The album encompasses 13-tracks, along with Chris’ version of the Grateful Dead’s “Ripple.”

Talking about the song, Chris shares, “‘I Called You Rose’ was the last song I wrote for the album. It came fast and I could not get it out of my head. It’s a song about falling in love and breaking up — with alcohol. I like that it’s upbeat and has a happy ending. …

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War Panties | Photo: Lou Tingle

Meet War Panties, the self-described “best bar band in Louisville, Kentucky,” who introduce the music video for “Delaware Cornfields,” a track from their recent album, In the Year of Zuul MMXX.

War Panties is not only Louisville’s “best bar band,” they are at their best when performing live, which for almost the last year has been preempted by the arrival and lingering status of coronavirus. Being fully aware of this deplorable state of affairs, War Panties decided to deliver the music to you via the magic of video.

Enter “Delaware Cornfields,” directed by Angelo Jackson, depicting images of the folk-rockers strolling along a country road surrounded by cornfields, serenading the wide-open spaces with down-home, Southern-flavored Americana melody tinted by contagious, twangy vocals narrating the freewheeling life of roving from place to place unfettered by conventional worries about money and success. …

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Riley Brooke

Remember the name Riley Brooke, who released her poignant single “Hardest Part” not long ago. Only 16-years-old, her talent belies her age.

Hailing from Utah, Riley explains “Hardest Part,” saying, “Sometimes the hardest part isn’t letting go, but rather learning to start over.”

The song mirrors the emotional anguish of an absent father. Making no pretense of stoic resignation, instead Riley realized healing and liberation from her turmoil by means of songwriting, unshackling her inner feelings of uncertainty.

Persuaded by the heartfelt songwriting of Sam Smith and Billie Eilish, Riley decided to record and release her music. Once she did, she felt the burden of isolation and loneliness alleviated. …

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Tabytha Polaris — ‘7 Spheres of Light’

New York-based musical artist, lightworker, and Reiki master healer Tabytha Polaris recently released her numinous new album, 7 Spheres of Light.

Designed to balance the 7 main chakras, on the album, Tabytha guides listeners through the mystical process of meditation.

A singing light warrior, Tabytha’s channeled meditations project specialized restorative tones by means of distinctive healing instruments: Rav Vast drum, crystal singing bowls, and harmonium. Blending world, new age, and alternative rock elements, she communicates her personal spiritual ascension through her music.

A graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of The Arts and The Lee Strasberg Theater Institute, Tabytha merges her knowledge of holistic health with her voice and music to produce sonic expressions that not only entertain, but also magnify consciousness. …

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Niki Tonik

Progressive pop/alt-R&B singer-songwriter Niki Tonik recently released her debut album, Write On Time, featuring Kamasi Washington. A 10-track collection of songs suffused with translucent layers of emotion and kaleidoscopic colors, Write On Time mirrors the dyad of Yin and Yang.

Born in Los Angeles and now based in Mount Shasta, the American-Israeli artist known as Niki Tonik divides her time between writing and recording music, and Taoist Tonic Herbalism, a discipline inspiring not only her name but her compositions, balanced on unifying dynamics.

After studying Ancient Chinese Herbalism with a master teacher, Niki began creating custom healing brews for celebrities such as Russell Simmons, Randy Jackson, Jason Mraz, Nahko and Medicine For The People, Tori Kelly, Travis Barker, Capital Cities, and K’NAAN. …

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Terri Bannister

Long Island-based singer-songwriter Terri Bannister recently unveiled the music video for “Little Is Much,” a song about being grateful for what you have rather than always yearning for more. If you have God in your life, you already have the more.

After releasing her first album, God of Love, Terri performed on international stages in South and Central America, Canada, Israel, and the Caribbean. Her song “You Love Me” appeared in Hidden Treasure, a documentary series about women and prostitution.

According to Terri, “Little Is Much” reflects her personal experience with overwhelming stress and anxiety, when she gazed through the haze and felt the love of God. …

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Jay Wud

Experimental/IDM producer Jay Wud recently released his new EP, Dark Cinema, replete with visceral, progressive surfaces blended with industrial tangs, all revealing the eccentric occurrences of 2020.

Speaking to the EP, Jay shares, “‘Dark Cinema’ is an emotionally driven record inspired by our current world events in 2020. Every track narrates a period during lockdown and was my way of summarizing this chaos in sound.”

Well-known for his avant-garde sensibilities and flair, Jay has been endorsed by Dean Markley, Orange amps, ESP Guitars, Red Bull, and EMG pickups, along with have his music featured in Ford’s Mustang campaign by Ford Middle East. …


Randall Radic

Randy Radic is a former super model who succumbed to the ravages of time and age. Totally bereft of talent, he took up writing “because anyone can do it.”

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