Jus Goodie — Photo: Rockaway LLC

A short while back, San Diego-based outfit Jus Goodie released a brand-new track, entitled “Better Left Unsaid,” which will appear on Jus Goodie’s forthcoming album, slated to release September 2021.

Talking about the track, Jus Goodie shares, “It is a song about the importance of being tenacious and showing that actions speak much louder than words. The title ‘Better Left Unsaid’ delivers the overall message of this song in three short words, while encouraging the idea that some things are simply ‘Better Left Unsaid.’”

A fusion of tasty reggae vibes merged with savors of jazz, “Better Left Unsaid” came out…

Lucky Rose

A few days ago, Canadian dance-pop duo Lucky Rose released their brand-new song, “I Don’t Think About You,” via Ultra Music.

Made up of producers/DJs Vincent Carrier and Marc-Antoine Thibeault, Lucky Rose burst onto the music scene with “The Way You Want Me,” which surged up Billboard’s Top 40, as well as the Hot AC charts in Canada. The song’s immediate success caught the attention of Ultra Music, which signed Lucky Rose.

With two Gold Certified singles in Canada — “Lost,” featuring Jordan Hart, and “Wild One,” featuring Tep No, “I Don’t Think About You” follows Lucky Rose’s previous hit…

Daniel Blake

Singer-songwriter Daniel Blake releases his sophomore EP, Jakarta, a collection of songs about the various forms of heartbreak.

Produced by Bill Lefler and recorded at Death Star Studios in Korea Town in L.A., the EP features Bill Lefler (drums, piano, synth), Paul Rede (guitar), and Daniel Blake (guitar, vocals).

Originally from Arizona, Daniel grew up hearing Van Morrison, Carole King, The Beatles, and James Taylor — the artists his parents were listening to. Citing all of them as influences, he also gives a nod to Tom Petty, David Gray, The Postal Service, and Band of Horses.

Remarkably, Daniel never performed…

Rob Murat | Photo: TWELVE18Media

Actor and recording artist Rob Murat introduces his brand-new music video, “Runaway,” an appetizer for his forthcoming album, slated to drop later this year.

Written and produced by Rob, and co-produced by producer/musician Seandammit (Sia, Dr. Dre, Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato) and Nate Williams (Rick Ross, Machel Montano, Verse Simmonds), “Runaway” shimmers with glowing, alluring surfaces.

Explaining the song, Rob shares, “With the disaster of a global pandemic almost — but not yet — behind us, so many people need an escape to a feeling called better. ‘Runaway’ is my reminder to those who may be struggling that they are…

Marshall Oakman

New York-based singer-songwriter Marshall Oakman just released a brand-new single, “At The Boiling Point,” featuring Kasim Sultan (bass), Liberty Devitto (drums), and Paul Pesco (guitar).

Marshall began is music career when he was six years old, when he first came across a piano and tentatively touched the keys. A bright tone followed, and Marshall was hooked. Not long after, he started writing songs, followed by developing and refining his own sound.

Performing throughout the East Coast, he’s played venues in New York metropolitan area, upstate New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Chicago.

Marshall only records with the…


Argentinian organic electronic music producer Kaleema, aka Heidi Lewandowski, recently released her second LP, Utera, via Wonderwheel Recordings.

Utera demonstrates Kaleema’s gift for interlacing different sonic styles, such as dub with Andean flutes or classical strings with ambient suggestions, into integrated suffusions reflecting the potency of rising and falling emotions.

Kaleema first garnered attention in 2017, when she released her debut album, Nomada, on which she fused elements of modern electronic music with Latin American instrumentals. …

Right now, it’s March in NorCal and I am sitting in my garage, smoking a cigar, which at best most people find disgusting. Yet as Ozzy sang, “No use saying sorry, it’s something I enjoy.” Supposedly, I am reviewing music, but instead I am pondering the ins and outs of the music industry, a vast, monolithic monster of disturbing size.

Since I write music reviews for numerous online sites, I receive approximately 200 emails per day from indie artists, publicists, and record labels. Each and every email is unfailingly similar — an invitation to review or premiere a new single, music video, EP, or album or interview some artist who is, I am assured, the Next Big Thing, while their music is, like clockwork, described as “genre breaking” or “unparalleled” in the history of music.

Frankly, I have neither the time nor the inclination to listen to all the new music I receive. Generally speaking, and there are of course wonderful exceptions, most of what is offered is derivative, sounding like everything else. …

Russell Jamie Johnson | Photo: Liz Maney

New York-based singer-songwriter, actor, and stunt performer Russell Jamie Johnson unveils the music video for “Put Me Out,” a song about a lopsided relationship.

Russell explains, “‘Put Me Out’ was written while I was living in Boston. It was late and I was waiting for a girl I was pining for. She had always come and went as she liked and was indifferent to me, but I could not say the same about her. This relationship was an addiction. …

David Walters

Marseille-based composer, guitarist, and vocalist David Walters recently released a new album, Nocturne, via Six Degrees Records.

Nocturne features the talents of Malian kora musician Ballaké Sissoko, who has worked with Taj Mahal and Toumani Diabaté, Vincent Segal (cello, bass), and Roger Raspail (percussion).

Walters, born in Paris, was a founding member of electro hip-hop collective Zimpala, and has traveled extensively throughout Africa, where he studied with Ali Farka Touré. …

Garrison Starr | Photo: Heather Holty-Newton

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Garrison Starr, who once considered herself done with music, is back with a remarkably excellent new album, entitled Girl I Used to Be, her first LP in almost a decade. In 2017, she released her EP, What If There Is No Destination.

Produced by Neilson Hubbard and engineered by Danny Aldredge, Girl I Used to Be includes cowrites with Carly Paige, Katie Pruitt, and Dominique Arciero.

According to Garrison, “When I’m writing for myself, all that baggage is always there. I always have to navigate that regardless. But when I write with other people, they’re not bringing that…

Randall Radic

Randy Radic is a former super model who succumbed to the ravages of time and age. Totally bereft of talent, he took up writing “because anyone can do it.”

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