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IZZA | Photo: Sam Rockman

London-based singer-songwriter IZZA introduces the music video for “Lows,” a song narrating the reality of anxiety and depression over against the carefully curated faux flawlessness of social media identities.

IZZA explains, “‘Lows’ sends a message that it’s OK to have your demons. You can learn to live with them. Invite them to a party and make them dance!”

Produced by MPA Awards ‘Best Newcomer’ Amy McKnight, “Lows” reflects IZZA’s commitment to her craft, an obsession beginning at a young age. …

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Local Nomad

Synth-pop artist Local Nomad, aka Michael Desmond, unveils the music video for “Snakechild,” a song about the ecstasy and ultimate debilitating agony of rampant self-indulgence. This is a steamy, smoldering superb song rife with gooey bluesy energy and alt-rock brawn.

Talking about his pseudonym, Michael Desmond says, “Local Nomad is the resistance of sedentary life. It’s about seeking the strange and embracing the unknown. Wondering. Wandering. Young and Old. Everywhere and Nowhere. As cliche as it may sound — when I pick up a guitar and sing, it’s the only me. I feel at home.”

The tile of the song — “Snakechild” — refers to a real friend of Michael’s, whose life is made up of insensate passion for new sensations and, especially, debauchery. The song embodies myriad nights out on the town, reveling, drinking, dancing, and feeling the thrilling high of living on the edge. Still, when it’s all over, what’s left is a feeling of emptiness and dark depression. …

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Trevor Lee

Premier hip-hop artist Trevor Lee unveils the music video for “Fadin,” featuring singer-songwriter Victoria Lee.

“Fadin” addresses the vital issue of mental health, a topic many people don’t feel comfortable facing because they don’t know how to relate to those wrestling with anxiety, depression, and often perceive suicide as the only way out.

“Fadin” urges listeners to “keep a light on,” which Trevor translates to “Don’t give me advice when you can’t relate. Just ‘being there’ is what keeps many from going over the edge.”

Intimately personal, the song merges Trevor’s familiarity with those suffering psychological difficulties with first-hand knowledge about the process of regaining emotional regulation when everything appears to be falling apart. …


Randall Radic

Randy Radic is a former super model who succumbed to the ravages of time and age. Totally bereft of talent, he took up writing “because anyone can do it.”

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