‘Blues Symphony’ (Symphony №2)

Blue Engine Records recently released Blues Symphony (Symphony №2), the masterpiece from Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Wynton Marsalis.

Performed by The Philadelphia Orchestra, directed by Cristian Măcelaru, Blues Symphony converts 12-bar blues into a polychromatic chronicle of American music.

Encompassing seven movements signifying an array of influences, including the revolutionary era, New Orleans jazz, and big city soundscapes. Marsalis’s creativity and genius erects a dazzling legacy echoing Scott Joplin, Scott Joplin, James P. Johnson, and George Gershwin.

According to Marsalis, “The blues helps you remember back before the troubles on hand and in mind, and they carry you on the wings…

Mark Newman — ‘Tulsa’

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mark Newman introduces his brand-new single, “Tulsa,” a track commemorating the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921.

Talking about the song, Newman says, “We never learned about Tulsa in school. Racism is still alive and well. The difference is that now these terrible tragedies are recorded on cell phones and people can be held accountable.”

Co-written by Newman and Walter Roberti, “Tulsa” observes the 100th anniversary of despicable racial violence in the U.S. In 1921, a throng of white people, in some cases deputized and armed by the system, entered the Greenwood district of Tulsa — a segregated…

Middle Child

A few days ago, alt-pop duo Middle Child released their first single/lyric video, “Burn Out,” a track from their upcoming debut EP, slated to drop via Casual Jam Records.

Setting the song apart from the typical contemporary pop music is the expressive lyricism combined with Mikey Wax’s crème de la crème falsetto and Jacob Lee’s plush suffusions of sonic surfaces — the perfect example of “less is more.”

Producer Jacob Lee and singer-songwriter Mikey Wax comprise Middle Child. Their sumptuous lo-fi sound blends sound fuses savors of indie-pop, hip-hop, and R&B into charismatic music rife with innovative sonic elements.


Elektric Voodoo

World Beat rock outfit Elektric Voodoo introduces the brand-new single “Wake Up,” a track from their forthcoming album, Telescope, slated to drop in August.

Tournet explains ‘Telescope,’ “The record is about being jolted into seeing the world from a fresh perspective. It’s also about how you can be doing endless self-analysis but that often the thing you’re looking for lies outside of yourself.”


• “Chasing Ghosts”

• “In The Dark”

• “Telescope”

• “Cross That Line”

• “Wake Up”

• “The Curtain”

• “People of The Earth”

• “Water”

• “Children Are the Revolution”

Made up of Scott Tournet…

Beach Tiger

Greenville, South Carolina-based alt-rock artist Beach Tiger introduces his brand-new single, “Run Away,” lifted from his forthcoming album, Yenta, slated for release May 28 via Southern America Records.

Talking about the album, Beach Tiger shares, “‘Yenta’ was created using a 90/30 writing technique; you have 90 minutes to come up with a song idea, and you do it for 30 days straight. With a ticking clock bearing down on you, you have zero time to question your instincts. Although ‘Yenta’ is not a ‘concept album,’ it does carry an overall theme where the protagonist must choose a life of adventure…

Kory Shore — ‘Enough’

Nashville-based pop artist Kory Shore unveils his brand-new single/music video “Enough,” a song about coming face-to-face with self-deprecation and its accomplice doubt.

Triggered by the anxiety and isolation of quarantine, Kory found himself enveloped in a fog of others’ expectations, expectations at once unattainable and worrying. Finding a safe haven in his girlfriend, who calmed his churning deliberations during the night, nevertheless during the day he was preoccupied by wayward, chaotic thoughts.

Kory’s response was to purge his spaghetti-like notions through music. …

‘Cultivating Compassion’

Bombay Dub Orchestra and Miranda Macpherson team up on Cultivating Compassion, the first release on Six Degrees Records’ brand-new Soundbalm imprint. Focusing on the rendezvous of ambient music, new age, and sound healing.

Speaking to the genesis of Soundbalm, Six Degrees co-founder Bob Duskis shares, “From my days working at Windham Hill Records, to the 25 years that Six Degrees Records has existed, I’ve been particularly fascinated by music’s ability to heal, comfort and elevate us. The concept of ‘Music as Medicine’ is very real to me and has become only more relevant during the Trump years and now the…

ERA C | Photo: Johannes Kremer

ERA C introduces their brand-new single, “0–60 mph,” a track lifted from their forthcoming album Deliria, slated for release May 28 via Future Archive Recordings.

Made up of Mirza Ramic of Arms and Sleepers and Sofia Insua of Easy Easy, ERA C is a collaborative project.

Speaking to the song, Sofia shares, “I wrote the lyrics for ‘0–60 mph’ during my first visit to Berlin, Germany as a tourist. I remember Mirza and I went to a random cafe because he needed some fast internet. It got me thinking about how fast cars and lovers both have the ability to…

Joe Barksdale | Photo: Ismael Quintanilla III

Austin, Texas-based indie-rock/electro-soul/R&B artist Joe Barksdale introduces his brand-new album, The Kyber Tapes. Inspired by Star Wars, the album brings together songs from Joe’s weekly single release series, #MoonBeamMusicMonday.

Talking about the album, Joe shares, “‘The Kyber Tapes’ are similar to the Kyber crystals from ‘Star Wars.’ Each track is like a different colored Kyber crystal, unique and with its own special force ability. I pulled from iconic figures like Darth Maul, Darth Sidious and Dath Vader to Yoda, Obi-wan and Anikan Skywalker. …

Piper Street Sound | Photo: John Arthur

Atlanta-based producer Piper Street Sound, aka Matt Mansfield, teamed up with renowned reggae guitarist Andy Bassford on the brand-new EP, Black Eyed Peace.

The new EP centers on Bassford’s brilliant guitar work, yet still dishes out the thick brass sounds associated with Piper Street Sound. Contributing to the tasty sound are Yaya Brown (akete drums), Brian Daggett (drums), Matt Mansfield (bass), Chris Case (keyboards), and Will Scruggs, Jonathan Lloyd, and Dashill Smith on horns.

Put together during the pandemic, the horns were recorded just prior to everything shutting down. All the other sonic elements were recorded in home studios and…

Randall Radic

Randy Radic is a former super model who succumbed to the ravages of time and age. Totally bereft of talent, he took up writing “because anyone can do it.”

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