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Movie Club | Photo: Dustin Downing

Movie Club Swaggers On ‘Hammerhead’

Surf-hop/garage rock outfit Movie Club dropped a new EP, entitled Hammerhead just moments ago.

Made up of Vince Cuneo (guitar) and Jessamyn Violet (drums), Movie Club formed in October 2018, in Venice, California to share the stage with Robbie Krieger of The Doors at Fonogenic Studios. Three months later, they dropped their KRAKEN EP, receiving beau coup media praise.

Produced by Matt Wignall, Hammerhead includes guest star Eric “Jesus” Coomes on bass. One of the highlights on the EP is “Navy Seal,” a tribute to surf guitarist Dick Dale, who recently passed.

Movie Club’s unique brand of music blends elements of surf rock, funk, and garage rock into a buff minimalist sound surging with beefy dynamism and raw force, as if The White Stripes were covering The Ventures.

Encompassing five-tracks, Hammerhead begins with “Navy Seal,” opening on visceral driving guitars full of surf-infused colors atop Violet’s popping drums. A potent rhythm, rife with Jesus’ throbbing bass line, imbues the harmonics with grand depth and oomph. Cuneo struts his dazzling skill on his axe, delivering tantalizing whitecaps of sizzling sonic hues.

Movie Club | Photo: Dustin Downing

“Whirlpool” rides heavy, dark, grinding pigments accented by gleaming electronic tones. The melody rumbles with thick flavors of surf-rock fused with Frankenstein-like hypertrophic muscularity, knotted with grafted textures.

“Rogue Wave” opens with a tight side stick supporting opaque undulating guitars, viscous with rude, harsh-textured colors and palpable resolves of monstrous-sized strength. Tectonic harmonic depth vibrates the tune with cavernous intensity.

“Triland” travels on a bass line from the bowels of hell, as Cuneo’s guitar floods the soundscape with tremulous tones. Hints of fusion jazz run through the tune, giving it a delicious psychedelic surf rock savor.

“Deadlights”runs on a blues-infused melody, gooey with grumbling stickiness. Violet’s finesse and feel for crisp snare (stellar ghostbeats) and tom-tom accents manifests on this tune. This track exudes a bloody rawness, edgy and pulverizing.

Hammerhead is superlative, full of uncooked growling push, yummy surf-rock flavors, and potent rhythms, signifying Movie Club’s irresistible musical evolution.

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