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PREMIERE |A BOI Bares Music Video for ‘See Through’

A BOI is the new musical project of TaSzlin Muerte, known for his nuclear-powered energy as a member of BLXPLTN, where his drumming and vocals set the world aflame.

A BOI’s latest offering is the video for “See Through,” the first of two videos to be released a week apart. The second video is “Copper Nebulas.” Both songs are gorgeously murky, wonderfully alluring, and emotionally evocative.

Where BLXPLTN was ferociously confrontational and in-your-face, A BOI is too, only the approach is more subtle and nuanced, concealed deep inside the ambiance of a remote piano, shadowy synths, drum loops, modified vocals and thick resonance.

This isn’t A BOI’s first foray into refined restraint. Last year, he released a single called “Wasp’s Nest” with Dark Palaces. The clip for the single, directed by Ben Snyder, depicts a wicked fascination with metaphorical visuals. Snyder continues his eerie attraction with nightmarish fantasies on both “See Through” and “Copper Nebulas.”

“See Through” opens on the dark tones of an austere piano, as surfacing synths hover in the backdrop. Potent crunching drums enter flowing into an opaque dream-pop melody flavored with electro-pop hues of cavernous heft. A BOI’s deep tenor fills the void, drifting with buff timbres over the music, infusing the tune with palpable silky dread. The guitars and synths swell, imbuing the harmonics with a flooding stream of magnificently ominous colors.

Ben Snyder’s video is disconcertingly surreal, full of eccentric dissonant images, including death by impalement, the arising wraith-like figure of A BOI, a bizarre religious ritual, a gathering of weird and wonderful figures in a mysterious house, and a black-clad figure wearing a crow’s mask in the woods. On the one hand, it’s like something out of Caligula, or a Neronian madness; on the other hand, it’s spellbinding.

“See Through” is superlative, full of dark resolves and resounding gliding flows of color riding on a captivating rhythm, all brought together on A BOI’s exquisitely beguiling voice.

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Randy Radic is a former super model who succumbed to the ravages of time and age. Totally bereft of talent, he took up writing “because anyone can do it.”

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