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AV Super Sunshine

PREMIERE | AV Super Sunshine Wants To Know — ‘Are You Happy’

AV Super Sunshine premieres “Are You Happy” on Medium. The song is the first single from AV Super Sunshine’s latest album, Candyland Remixes Vol. 1.

“Are You Happy” is about one individual’s quest for happiness, a topic AV has vast personal experience with. Originally from Wisconsin, AV fell down the rabbit hole of shadowy depression where he latched onto the anti-depressant Pristiq, and later got off it by going cold-turkey. Since then he’s been on a mission from God, churning out hit after delicious hit, including “Baby Goodbye,” which ascended to the number 7 spot on Billboard’s Hot Singles Sales chart.

Collaborating with his companion and muse, Philomena, with whom he globetrots in search of inspiration and truth, on “Are You Happy” AV delivers infectious Euro-dance energy riding on flooding synths. Produced by the multi-platinum sonic wizard Michael Bradford, the song is ooh la la superb.

Opening on iridescent synths atop a dance beat full of galvanizing pulsations, “Are You Happy” shimmers with tantalizing hypnotic energy. AV’s voice, gleaming with glowing timbres and intense curiosity, asks the universal question, “Are You Happy.” Philomena’s crystalline soprano infuses the lyrics with tantalizing filaments of nuanced textures palpable with lustrous tones.

Reminiscent of The B-52’s “Love Shack,” the song thrums with dazzling vitality and irresistible washes of exhilaration, like auras of blissful flair.

The video, directed by Philomena, blends Lego figures, AFX car racing, and ’60s blushes of psychedelic colors into a phantasmagoric carnival-like setting, where even the plastic characters radiate happiness. As the miniature race cars compete on the track, AV and Philomena jelly roll through a sunlit landscape in a bright pink jeep, eventually turning up at a golf course, where their flashy outfits seem fabulously out of place. There’s a tasty sense of imminence to the visuals, as if happiness is there, just waiting.

“Are You Happy” is wonderfully wrought, full of electrifying momentum compelling participation without reservation.

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Randy Radic is a former super model who succumbed to the ravages of time and age. Totally bereft of talent, he took up writing “because anyone can do it.”

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