Dr Orange

Premiere: Dr Orange Releases Excellent “Chinatown”

Meet Dr Orange, aka Chas Moody, who unveils his brand-new single “Chinatown,” following on the heels of his much praised and popular singles “These Things (Baby I know)” and “Comes in Threes.”

Hailing from the UK, Dr Orange is the solo project of Liverpudlian Chas Moody, formerly of the band Ladies, who became obsessed with music early on, immersing himself in fuzzy, high-frequency rock ’n’ roll. The recent lockdown provided Dr Orange with the perfect opportunity to launch his unique sound on the listening public.

Dr Orange

With a sound drenched in the musical legacy of Merseyside, “Chinatown” demonstrates the gifts of this one-man alt-rock dynamo, utilizing affluent synths and sleazed-out fuzzy guitars climaxing in a potent wall-of-sound dripping with visceral colors and pure, unadulterated harmonics.

“Chinatown” opens on ’70s retro-flavored guitars, dark and rippling with tight energy, and then segues into a stripped-down Jack White raw, menacing melody dripping with surging layers of color. A thick, viscous wall-of-sound brings the tune to a heady, hefty conclusion.

Dr Orange’s vocals suggest uncooked sensual textures, oozing seductive nuances of deluxe timbres, simultaneously erotic and tantalizing. There’s definite erogenous allure and bewitching flavor to his voice, as if doused in the end-of-the-world is approaching magnetism, so let’s indulge in convergent evolutionary practicality.

Dr Orange has is going on! “Chinatown” is at once muscular, heady, and rife with beguiling retro surfaces.

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Randy Radic is a former super model who succumbed to the ravages of time and age. Totally bereft of talent, he took up writing “because anyone can do it.”

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