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Drew Davies | Photo: Georgios Elianos

PREMIERE | Drew Davies Releases Compelling Self-Titled LP

London alt-rock artist Drew Davies introduces his new self-titled album, released via AD1. The album was mixed by Steve Honest and mastered by John Webber.

Davies shares, “This album is the culmination of many years of writing both in and out of bands. I can remember each song as a moment. Writing ‘Who We Are’ on the day of my Grandfather’s funeral, writing ‘Mrs Taylor’ after the news of the passing of a family friend, the sounds of my road echoing out in ‘Come on Within’ as I demoed the song on the piano in my bedroom window. It’s a personal body of work which I look forward to sharing with the world and building on very soon.”

From South Yorkshire, with a family tree full of singers and musicians, along with being a prior member of The Mercy House, over the course of the last ten years Davies has collaborated with a host of artists, as well as touring throughout the UK and Europe, and performing at Download Festival, Scala, and the Troubadour.

Influenced by an eclectic group of artists, ranging from ’50s rock n’ roll to electronica, along with The National, Scott Walker, Vangelis, and Tom Petty, Davies’ sound blends tinctures of nostalgia, gentleness, and modern elements into tasty concoctions both superb and innovative.

Encompassing 10-tracks, the album commences with “Man On The Run,” opening on platinum guitars exuding a Bowie-like feel, as Davies’ deliciously inflected tones travel overhead, infusing the lyrics with urgency.

Highlights include “Living The Dream,” featuring a heady amalgamation of new wave flavors and rousing alt-rock. Brilliant synths project glistening washes of color atop a driving cadence, while Davies’ voice gives the lyrics intense coloration.

“Mrs. Taylor” opens on surging expanding guitars riding a straight forward rhythm. Glowing vocal harmonies inject the tune with mysterious dimension, as Davies discharges taut wistful timbres. There’s a scrumptious keening edge to this song, tight and slightly grungy.

“Can’t Deny” begins with swirling colors chockfull of looming sensitivity, as Davies narrates his emotional status as his lover leaves. Rife with intimate expressions, “Can’t Deny” drives home feelings of regret and loss with undeniable emotion.

A personal favorite is the final track, “Who We Are,” with its grand elegant piano crowned by crying guitars riding rumbling drums, imbuing the harmonics with irresistible yearning pulses, akin to a heart throbbing.

Wrought with graceful lustrous layers of sound, as well as surging raw energy, Drew Davies has produced a wonderful collection of captivating songs.

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Randy Radic is a former super model who succumbed to the ravages of time and age. Totally bereft of talent, he took up writing “because anyone can do it.”

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