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Greg Antista and The Lonely Streets

PREMIERE | Greg Antista and The Lonely Streets — ‘Goodnight Ramona’

Orange County singer and guitarist Greg Antista premieres the music video for “Goodnight Ramona” on Medium. “Goodnight Ramona” is the lead single from their forthcoming album, Shake, Stomp and Stumble, slated drop in May.

“Goodnight Ramona” is about the ache of yearning, the anguish of love, and the flawed interaction of a relationship. The video mirrors the precipice the lovers walk along, as they come to grips with emotional compromise and its effects.

Antista’s band, The Lonely Streets, features a hecka-talented crew, including Jessica Kaczmarek (guitar) of Busstop Hurricanes; Jorge E. Disguster (drums) of the Mink Daggers; Warren Renfrow (bass) of Cadillac Tramps, Manic Hispanic, and The Damned and The Adolescents.

While playing with Steve Soto in Joyride, Antista was part of punk-pop history when the band’s debut set, Johnny Bravo, lit up the airwaves. He’s also toured Europe, and played the UK’s Rebellion Festival with Foxy. At this point in his storied career, Antista is charting a new course into unexplored sonic territory, and taking The Lonely Streets along for the ride.

“Goodnight Ramona” opens on a rumbling drum fill flowing into a tight pop-punk melody full of vibrant rock-a-billy flavors and a throbbing rhythm riding Disguster’s taut percussion and Renfrow’s bass line. Smudged, sparkling accents suffuse the tune with gleaming depth, as Antista’s deliciously shaggy tones imbue the tune with longing and sorrow, as he bids farewell to Ramona.

A searing guitar solo infuses the harmonics with boiling colors topped by incandescent flourishes, as Kaczmarek strust her marvelous talent on her axe. Her talent rivals sorcery, as she turns the licks loose.

The video, directed by Marcela Mariz, tells the tale of a young man trying to woo his lover, who is a writer and obsessed with her typewriter. As the couple sits at the table, where wine and fine food wait, rather than give her lover attention, she continues to work on her book, typing away on her typewriter. Finally, he gains her attention, and they dance. Yet in the end, she returns to her typewriter, as he packs and leaves.

“Goodnight Ramona” delivers potent punk-pop surging with brawny energy and tasty vocals. If “Goodnight Ramona” is indicative of the rest of the imminent album, then we’re in for a scrumptious punk-flavored treat.

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Randy Radic is a former super model who succumbed to the ravages of time and age. Totally bereft of talent, he took up writing “because anyone can do it.”

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