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Jonathan Wax | Photo: Sara Kalish Photography

Premiere | Jonathan Wax Releases ‘Young Wonder’

Jonathan Wax premieres the music video for “Young Wonder” on Medium.

The inspiration for “Young Wonder” and its predecessor, “Look Beyond,” occurred when NASA’s social media team invited Wax to witness a rocket launch on Wallops Island, Virginia. Upon returning home, Wax composed several instrumentals celebrating the marvel of space exploration.

Explaining the music video, Wax says, “I hope that the composition and animated video gives you that sense of wonder and reminds you what it feels like to dream. I hope you feel inspired to never give up on that dream, to remember that life is precious and short, the universe is big and that space is for everyone.”

Growing up on Long Island with his two brothers, Wax started playing piano when he was eight-years-old. Later, he attended the University of Miami, where he studied film. During his final year in college, his brother — pop/rock artist Mikey Wax — was preparing to release his debut album. Deciding to help his brother market the album, Wax discovered he had a talent for the business side of music, leading him to start his own marketing agency, 4x4. Vastly successful, Wax’s agency has worked with more than 300 indie artists, along with mainstream clients, such as Sony’s Wind-up Records, Foundations Artist Management, Aaron Carter, and others.

Throughout all this, Wax’s love for composing music never faded.

“Young Wonder” opens on a delicate, elegant piano backed by shimmering, emerging strings. A burgeoning guitar wail enters, infusing the tune with remote intense tones that blossom to surging tight colors, as the song progresses. Percolating synths arrive, filling the harmonics with bubbling space timbres, as the sumptuous piano and glowing strings glide sinuously in the backdrop.

The feel and mood of the tune, as well as the visuals of the video, convey the delightful miraculous spark of human dreams, yearning for the impossible.

Wonderfully wrought and brilliantly arranged, “Young Wonder” discharges gorgeously lush sonic hues under exquisite control.

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