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PREMIERE | Liz Kennedy Connects On ‘Hike Up Your Socks’

Singer-songwriter Liz Kennedy premieres the music video for “Hike Up Your Socks” on Medium.

“Hike Up Your Socks” is a paean to San Francisco’s Telegraph Hill and North Beach, where Kennedy makes her home. It’s also the title track to her latest album, a collection of rootsy songs including the talents of Taj Mahal, Joel Jaffe, Eammon Flynn, Billy Johnson, Mark Levin, Pete Contino, Suzy Thompson, and vocalist Omega Rae and Lorin Rowan.

According to Kennedy, “The album is more rootsy than anything I’ve done before in two ways. First, there’s the overall acoustic sound of the instruments, incorporating rock and blues elements, coupled with the fact that I’m digging deeper into my own folk music roots as a kid of the 60’s.”

The video for “Hike Up Your Socks,” directed by Eric Peltier, follows Kennedy as she makes her way from the stone stairs of Telegraph Hill to Washington Square to the noteworthy shops aligning Columbus Avenue. The highlight of the visuals is North Beach, an Italian-American neighborhood, with its quaint restaurants, pastry shops, parks, churches, and residents strolling about. The implication of the images is transparent: Kennedy’s personal roots extend into the bedrock of her community, a place she holds dear.

“Hike Up Your Socks” opens on a jazz-flavored folk melody full of pop savors. The soft, laid-back melody rides a crisp rhythm exuding cool shimmers of color. The smoothly tinkling piano and delicious tonal accents from a flute, along with a gently strumming guitar infuse the harmonics with subtle luminous hues and a captivating flow.

The lyrics convey warm affection and an expansive nature.

“Take a walk / Around the block / Down the hill / And through the park / See the funny dog / With his funny man / Grab a bite / At Mario’s cigar stand / And hike up your socks / And head off.”

“Hike Up Your Socks” is one of those songs that send delicious sensations rippling through your diaphragm. Liz Kennedy’ evocative tones secure the song’s contagious flourish.

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