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PREMIERE | Makes My Blood Dance Unleashes ‘Beaming Right Up’

Brooklyn-based Makes My Blood Dance premieres the music video for “Beaming Right Up” on Medium.

Lead vocalist Evan Russell Saffer explains the song, “The lyrics and vibe of this tune are making a statement about taking strides, about rising above and beyond the fear — the constant, daily, moment to moment uncertainty of life. The verses dive into those ideas sometimes poetically, sometimes specifically. “Blood on the buttons, always gonna be somethin’” and “keep your foot on the gas, we’ve upgraded from last, and the money’s been applied to your bank as a recurring bonus” — wouldn’t that be nice. It’s a spiritual song with an everyday keep on rockin’ approach that’s says “life’s alright, when you got it going.” So how do you get it going? Keep listening. Music heals, we change molecules, that’s the message and the momentum of Makes My Blood Dance.”

Made up songwriters Evan Russell Saffer (lead vocals), John Polimeni (guitars, synthesizer), Alexander Nikitin (bass), and Carlos “CK1” Guidera (drums), Makes My Blood Dance’s music blends elements of disco, glam, electro-pop, and metal into a sui generis sound projecting full spectrum subtleties structured on beau coup flair, sudden eddies of frisson, and no holds barred gusto.

Deploying such a sound requires magical skills. Enter a super-talented trio of sonic wizards: producer Kallie Marie, recording engineer Paul Ritchie, and mixer David Ogilvie, who, along with video director Derek Soto, brought the band’s vision to fruition.

“Beaming Right Up” opens on tight strident tones, followed by Thor-like drums flowing into a hard-hitting electro-pop melody laced with galvanizing surges of disco and metal textures. Streamlined vocals full of energizing reedy nasality infuse the lyrics with delicious incandescent impetus atop the infectiously throbbing rhythm.

I love the running flow of the sparkling piano juxtaposed against radiant, sizzling vocal harmonies. There’s a wicked stormy momentum to the harmonic surfaces, buff and angular. A Van Halen-like guitar solo pushes the music over the brink.

Derek Soto’s video amalgamates phantasmagoric images with the wildly exotic force of the electrifying music, as beautiful women accompany well-dressed men in a club setting. The visuals shift from the club to surreal dancing to the band performing on stage. The concentration of physical and sonic energy discharged is phenomenal.

“Beaming Right Up” is unquestionably terrific, full of unbridled, reckless dynamism and muscular tumescence. The band’s name is apropos — this is music that makes your blood dance.

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