Rocky Dawuni

PREMIERE | Rocky Dawuni Unveils ‘Wickedest Sound,’ ft. StoneBwoy

Rocky Dawuni premieres the music video for “Wickedest Sound,” featuring StoneBwoy on Medium.

“Wickedest Sound” is from Dawuni’s forthcoming album, Beats of Zion, slated to drop March 8 via Six Degrees Distribution. Beats of Zion adds Ghanaian savors to Dawuni’s “Afro Roots” sound, and is the follow-up to Dawini’s Best Reggae Album of 2016, Branches of the Same Tree.

According to Dawuni, “”Wickedest Sound” is a song that pushes the boundaries of my signature sound, which I call Afro Roots. The idea was to pay homage to the Afrobeats movement but do it in a much more organic style, using live horns, traditional drums from dunduns to kpanlogo drums in addition to synthesizer sounds, and also featuring an African dancehall artist, Stonebwoy. This is a fresh new sound, but it’s also a sound that is celebrating our past, while asserting our step into the future.

The video strives to metaphorically capture the genre bending power of the Afro Roots sound by using scenic and personal shots of Ghana’s capital Accra to tell a compelling visual narrative of the everyday lives of musician who are ordinary working people by day but at night transform into powerful keepers of sound and rulers of the nightlife.”

Dawuni is much more than a reggae star. He’s a person with a heart, who genuinely cares about others. In 2018, he was designated a UN Goodwill Ambassador for Africa because of his eloquence, cultural diplomacy, and compassion. He’s worked with Product (RED), ONE, UNICEF, The Carter Center, Clean Cooking Alliance, and the United Nations Foundation as a spokesman and representative of the nations and people of Africa.

“Wickedest Sound” opens with cool, stylish tones topped by Dawuni’s inimitable voice, rife with polished inflections and velvety timbres. The rolling rhythm of the tune undulates from side to side with infectious momentum, soaking into your soul and bones. Oozing horns infuse the tune with cashmere textures, as tight, radiant vocal harmonies add to the music’s captivating glow and energy.

“Wickedest Sound” is wickedly deluxe, demonstrating the contagious allure of Rocky Dawuni’s genius, and the magnetic pull of Afrobeats.

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