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PREMIERE | Scott Krokoff Releases ‘Cubicle’

Randall Radic
2 min readApr 12, 2019


New York alt-pop/alt-folk artist Scott Krokoff premieres his new single, “Cubicle,” on Medium.

A practicing attorney, Krokoff refused to place his musical dream on hold, resulting in the release of A Better Life (2007), followed by Realizations and Declarations, Vol. 1 (20012), and his last release, Realizations and Declarations, Vol. 2 (2015), which garnered vast critical acclaim, and featured the single “Scared Little Boy,” a finalist in the UK’s 2015 Songwriter Contest.

An adroit finger-picker like James Taylor and Paul Simon, Krokoff has shared the stage with Elle King and Grace Weber, performed live in Belgium for his biggest fan’s ten-year anniversary, and collected airplay throughout Canada, Europe, and the U.S.

Krokoff’s contagious sound blends elements of pop and folk music into dazzling concoctions of Americana-flavored music embodying delicious retro savors from the ’60s and ‘70s.

“Cubicle” opens on shimmering guitars and a measured beat topped by soaring accents from a guitar flavored with wistful tones. A thick bass line and tasty percussion drive the undulating rhythm, as Krokoff’s voice, affluent and just a bit nasal, glides overhead with urgent nostalgic timbres. It’s a voice subtly reminiscent of Tom Petty, furrowed with scrumptious drawling hues.

The flow of the melody suffuses mellow spangly pigments coruscating with alluring washes of sound from the sparkling piano and oozing bray of a luscious organ. The cry of the guitar is spellbinding, infusing the harmonics with elusive, tantalizing textures of longing, à la Leon Russell.

“Cubicle” is a sublimely gorgeous song, rife with infectiously nuanced energy engulfing creamy surface colors, as well as an indulgent melancholic frisson. Without a doubt, “Cubicle” is one of the best songs so far this year.

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