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The NaveBlues | Pale Blue Dot

PREMIERE | The NaveBlues Bring To Light “Pale Blue Dot”

The NaveBlues premiere “Pale Blue Dot” today on Medium. The song was inspired by Voyager 1’s interstellar trek into infinite space, carrying a golden record filled with music, as it snapped the photo of the pale blue dot four billion miles from earth.

Tagged as a blues rock band from Norway, The NaveBlues are much more than simply a blues band. Blending and bending elements from a variety of genres, including the blues, indie, rock, alt-rock, and funk, The NaveBlues sculpt raw elements into burnished music, like a swordsmith forges blooms of steel into Ulfberht swords.

Fronted by Navé Pundik, whose gift on the harmonica goes beyond extraordinary and enters the realm of consummate effulgence, The NaveBlues create cap-a-pie delicious music, subtly tight, deeply emotional, and immersed in ferocious dynamism approaching the edge of the abyss. It’s glorious, magnificent music, supercharged with hormonal exuberance.

“Pale Blue Dot” opens on a rumbling bass line riding a saturating drum shuffle flowing into a blues-heavy melody flavored with visceral rock energy. Creamy, oozing guitars cry with melancholy prior to rocketing off into rockabilly savors topped by Pundik’s suavely growling tones inflected with a scrumptious drawling Southern camber.

On “Pale Blue Dot,” Pundik’s voice is slightly reminiscent of Eric Burdon of The Animals, rough, raw, edgy, and smoldering with smoky hues. It’s a grandly evocative voice, full of tiny hooks of arcing timbres infused with steaming textures.

“Please take care of the pale blue dot / It’s the only one we got.”

The video, directed by The NaveBlues, initially presents documentary-like images, as if from a Carl Sagan film, but then shifts to Pundik seated in the mountains near Bergen, Norway. Noticing a ribbon of light, Pundik gives chase, ending up in front of small boulder emitting a blue radiance. On the boulder is the golden record from Voyager 1. Another glimmer of light appears in the distance and Pundik races towards it, carrying the golden record. Arriving, he raises the golden record to the sky, emblazoning the heavens with a fantastic symbol.

“Pale Blue Dot” surges with cool bluesy heft, an engaging rhythm, and thrumming rockabilly relish, as well as the galvanizing voice of Navé Pundik.

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