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Superfonicos Releases Delicious ‘Cumbéalo’ and ‘Tropidelico’

Based in Austin, Texas, Superfonicos releases a new single today, May 10, featuring “Cumbéalo” and “Tropidelico.” The release party takes place May 11 at the Mexican American Cultural Center in Austin.

Recorded in 2018, the two songs went straight to analog tape sans overdubs. It was the first time Superfonicos had recorded in such a manner. To get it right, the band’s approach changed.

Nico Sanchez explains, ““We had to think of these tunes more like old school Cumbia or how Jazz musicians would. Whatever hits the tape is the take, so we had to recruit additional musicians to play parts that we would normally lay down later in a modern multitrack recording.”

The two songs embody the coming together of Columbia, Africa, and the U.S., reflecting cumbia and afrobeat blended with cool funk.

According to Superfonicos vocalist Jaime Ospina, “’Cumbéalo’ is a metaphor for turning our eyes back to the primal and ancestral and to remember all the great things that we’ve lost in this process of becoming modern and civilized. We think that humankind is in a big crisis right now, because we disconnect ourselves from nature, our sense of oneness and our spiritual selves. Cumbéalo is an invitation to remember.”

Continuing, Ospina says, “‘Cumbéalo’ and ‘Tropidelico’ represent two of our most important influences, musically speaking, Cumbia & Funk.”

“Cumbéalo’s” lyrics summarize the correlation of cumbia and funk: “No hay fronteras y todo es unida” — “There are no borders and everything is unity!”

“Cumbéalo” opens on rounded percussion flowing into a contagious rhythm formed by a fat bass line. The rolling undulation gives the music a suave sensual momentum. Vibrant horns infuse the tune with glistening colors, as warm, mellow vocals glide overhead.

“Tropidelico” rides a loose funky groove full of slapping bass and syncopated drums. Psychedelic flavors inject the tune with tasty colors, as the horns establish a gleaming muscular soundscape. As the song culminates, all the sonic layers merge, forming a radiant wall-of-sound.

With “Cumbéalo” and “Tropidelico,” Superfonicos deliver delightful and superb music, smooth and polished, yet simultaneously fresh and robust.

Tickets to the show on May 11.

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