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Wesley Tucker | Photo: Phil Shaw

Wesley Tucker Releases Delish ‘JANE’

Recently, singer-songwriter Wesley Tucker released a new single, called “JANE,” a buoyant love song. According to Tucker, “’JANE’ is an Urban-Pop ode about falling in love with someone (or maybe something).”

Born in Arizona and raised in L.A., Tucker hooked up with music early on, with the aid of his father, who taught him to play. Later, he became a sensation on YouNow, an Instagam influencer, and popular YouTuber. His Tumblr blog went viral, amassing a vast following.

Subsequent to his gender transition, he struggled with depression and anxiety, while still only 16-years-old. Music proved to be his salvation, providing an outlet to liberate his emotions. After touring the U.S., in 2016 Tucker released his first single, “Strong,” a song about self-approval and the power of affirmation rather than surrendering to pessimism.

In 2017, he followed with his second single, “Monument,” mirroring his distinctive blend of R&B and pop ingredients, a sound influenced by Amy Winehouse and Justin Bieber.

“JANE” opens on a sparkling guitar with hints of Latin R&B savors flowing into a trap-lite smooth melody. A pulsing bass line and crisp percussion drive the contagiously undulating rhythm, infusing the tune with sensuous allure. Tucker’s deliciously inflected flow melds buttery melodicism with suggestions of rap-lite delivery. It’s a voice rife with cool velvety textures and quixotic surface timbres. When he goes falsetto, his tone takes on taut electrifying essence.

“I was sixteen it was summer time / I met Jane she came in my life / I see myself walking but I’m paralyzed / Now she’s all that’s on my mind / Young and wild we just living life / Young and alive, we just killing time / We rebel but don’t apologize, don’t give a damn if they criticize.”

With JANE, Wesley Tucker demonstrates not only his stunning songwriting gift, but his enchanting vocal talent, infusing the track with profound passion and scrumptious sonic colors.

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Randy Radic is a former super model who succumbed to the ravages of time and age. Totally bereft of talent, he took up writing “because anyone can do it.”

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